Monday, August 3, 2015

To Intervene or Not

The stock market in Greece reopened after a month off, and stocks in the morning are down about 20 percent. Regulators have said they will carefully observe the stock market but will not directly intervene in trading. This is the opposite of the approach in China, where regulators have promised to stabilize the market by any means necessary. So far, it appears that the hands-off stance in Greece has led to less volatility, though traders are still trying to get a feel for the market’s natural level after a morning of trading. In China government intervention essentially is the market, and traders have to digest the near-daily rule changes and second-guess government intervention tactics and timing to try to determine the direction of the market. The comparison has its limits, but it is an interesting comparison to make, and the relative calm in Greece suggests that the destabilizing effects of the stock market intervention in China may outweigh the stabilizing effects.

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