Sunday, December 13, 2015

Schwarzenegger Asks for Broad Approach to Climate Impact of Manufacturing

At the climate talks former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the loudest voices calling for broad participation in the problems of fossil fuel use in manufacturing. It’s a problem that many had hoped that China, as the global leader in manufacturing, would take on, but as Schwarzenegger argued, that may not be realistic:

The whole world is (asking) China to produce their products so therefore we’re basically sending all the pollution to China and so now they have to deal with it and we all have to work together with them. It’s not like finger-pointing (at China) or like ‘them versus us,’ it’s more like ‘how can we do this together?'

Schwarzenegger also suggested that eating less meat, or becoming a “part-time vegetarian” as he put it, was one of the keys to climate success. A summary of his comments at the summit can be found at ZME Science:

While the whole world must take on the problem, China will lose customers if the climate costs of manufactured goods are seen as too high. Indeed, this must already be happening to a slight extent. Therefore, China must take a leading role in reducing the costs of the goods made in its factories.

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